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6 Tips for Arranging Spring Flowers

6 Tips for Arranging Spring Flowers

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How to create your own centerpiece inspired by the leaves, blooms, and fruits of the season

Impress your guests with gorgeous centerpieces.

When you’re hosting a dinner party, there are two things your guests are sure to notice: the meal and the look of the table. This doesn’t mean you have to pull out the bone china and fine silver, but keep it simple — and anchor the table with a visually-stunning centerpiece.

Along with the warmer temperatures and longer days of spring come beautiful branches, leaves, and flowers in all shades and sizes. At your next gathering or celebration, be inspired by the textures and colors in nature and bring them inside. Sierra and Juliet of Poppies & Posies did just that at a recent garden-inspired party they hosted for creative professionals in the event industry.

“We decided we needed a fresh take on the traditional pastels and petals associated with the season. We found tarnished brass vessels in various shapes and sizes and filled them with lush ferns, soft vines, and dark brooding leaves. Greenery is so often neglected in arrangements. We are true believers that a mix of different greens with textures ranging from soft to prickly and colors from celery to hunter can bring any bouquet to life.”

In creating the arrangements, Sierra and Juliet chose some of their favorite seasonal blooms — deep pink peonies, white blooming dogwoods, ranunculus, hellebores, and parrot tulips. They added fresh plums for their rich color and soft sheen, an unexpected addition that completed the look (and was an homage to the evening’s focus on food).

Not everyone can re-create these stunning arrangements at home, but there are a few take-home tips that can be learned from Sierra and Juliet’s work.

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This post was originally published on March 25, 2011.