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Parents Told Their Kids They Ate Their Halloween Candy

Parents Told Their Kids They Ate Their Halloween Candy

Once more, Jimmy Kimmel asks parents to torture their kids after Halloween

Every year Jimmy Kimmel angers American children by asking parents to pretend to eat all their Halloween candy and record their reactions. Every year, we get the same crying tantrums, the same (almost) cursing, and the eventual "I hate Jimmy Kimmel" proclamations.

This year is no different, but it doesn't make it less adorable. There are kids who break down crying, others who jump around so much their pants fall down, and other, calmer reactions. One kid walks over in a Superman pose and says, "Know what I'm going to do with you? Kick you... in the butt."

Then again, there's an adorable kid at 2:43 bawling her eyes out while telling her mother she's OK with the devouring of her candy. Then she goes to finish her cereal. Watch all the reactions below ("Don't tell me you ate all of it" is a favorite), although none of them match the original "Youuuu sneaky mom!" kid.

Jimmy Kimmel Challenged Parents To Tell Kids They Ate Their Halloween Candy, Again

Halloween has come and gone. Kids are carefully rationing their depleting supply of candy. And Jimmy Kimmel has once again convinced parents all across the nation to throw a wrench into their kids' post-Halloween joy. Yep, it's time for "I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy: 2014 Edition."

Filled with tears, tantrums, and overturned chairs, the 4th installment of Kimmel's annual Halloween candy prank is once again hilarious and also a little sad. Still, it's important to remember: These parents didn't actually eat all of their kids' Halloween candy.

Some standout lines from this year's compilation include, "You ruined my life!," "Why didn't you eat something else. " "You must have a belly-ache," and "Eat an apple!"

At the end of the segment, Jimmy Kimmel thanked the parents who participated in this year's challenge and also offered his sincerest "apologies to the children to participated as well."

That's right! For the past five years, Kimmel has convinced parents to lie their faces off to their kids and film the results — and then send them into the show.

It ends up being pretty much what you might expect, as the video that aired on "Kimmel" Monday night revealed: tears, flopping around, tumbling to the floor, fits and screaming.

Then there's the thing you don't see: The first time a kid realizes his parent is making fun of him.

Not all of the kids got hysterical. One even said, "It's all right." And some kids seemed to know exactly what was going on: "Sorry . Jimmy, we're not falling for it."

But our winner for 2015 is the child strapped in the back seat as his mom says she got really hungry during the day and ate all his Halloween candy while he was at school.

"How?" asks this future great leader. "I don't want to see you ever again. Go get a job."

Rutledge’s eyes widen with worry as he struggles to believe the terrible thing his mom has done.

He stares at her for a few seconds before replying.

YouTube/Rutledge the Candy Kid Source: YouTube/Rutledge the Candy Kid

But the worried expression is gone in an instant. He walks up to the camera and smiles, saying he knows that this must be a joke.

“You didn’t eat all my candy,” he says, grinning widely.

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Jimmy Kimmel tried to ruin Halloween again with candy prank. One kid will melt your heart

Jimmy Kimmel once again asked parents to record their kids' reactions to all their Halloween candy being gone. (Photo: Jerod Harris, Getty Images for Comedy Central)

Jimmy Kimmel did it again.

The late-night talk show host asked parents to tell their kids that mom and dad ate all of their Halloween candy and record the children's reactions.

It was the ninth year Kimmel invited parents to the YouTube challenge, simply titled, "I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy."

Every year brings a fair amount of laughs – and probably some guilt – as we watch kids kick, scream, cry and say the most hilarious things when they hear the news.

The same came for 2019, and one little guy will melt your heart. At the end of the videos, parents let the kids know that it was a prank and that Jimmy Kimmel told them to do it.

"You're happy that your candy is not gone?" one mom asks her son off-camera.

"A little bit, but I love you more than candy," he sweetly responds.

Others are more concerned for their parents' health. When one mom asks her daughter if she will forgive her, the little girl responds, "Yes, but don't do it again. It will make you very sick. You will have to poop all that out."

Another little boy, after firmly explaining that eating all his candy was "so rude," advises his mother to "go eat some vegetables, not candy."

Kimmel swears he doesn't enjoy being mean to kids. At the beginning of the video, he explains that he "loves kids" and has even written a children's book, "The Serious Goose." Proceeds of the book go to children's hospitals.

Jimmy Kimmel Had Parents Tell Their Kids They Ate All Of The Halloween Candy And It’s So, So Good

The Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Prank is back. Jimmy might’ve been on vacation all week but he had his guest hosts (Channing Tatum, Dave Grohl, Jennifer Lawrence, and Shaq) ask viewers to send in clips.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge has been going strong for several years and the premise has remained the same: parents tell their kids they’ve eaten all of the Halloween candy and they film as the kids all meltdown:

Jimmy’s Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge has actually gotten better year after year as the cameras on iPhones and other smartphones continue to prove. Early on, we’d see grainy footage of kids throwing tantrums after their parents told them they’d eaten all of the Halloween candy. These days, some of the footage is so crisp you can actually see the salt within the tears.

What’s interesting about this year’s Halloween candy prank is how it all played out within the world of Jimmy Kimmel. He took this week off of work so that he could spend quality time with his son. Instead of showing re-runs, Jimmy asked some celebrity friends to guest host the show for him. Channing Tatum was one of those guest hosts, and Pink was one of the guests. Unlike previous years where Jimmy would release only one video of the Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge, Jimmy filmed his own video telling his daughter that he ate all of the candy, and he got both Channing Tatum and Pink to do the same. So even though Jimmy wasn’t technically working this week he went above and beyond with the candy torture.

If you’re going to watch one of those three videos (Jimmy, Channing, or Pink) I’d suggest watching the Kimmel clip because his daughter handles it like a boss:

Want more? You can check out last year’s edition of the Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge here.

Jimmy Kimmel Once Again Had Parents Tell Kids They Ate All the Halloween Candy

At this point, watching kids freak out over lost Halloween candy is as much of a holiday tradition as Hocus Pocus marathons. For seven years running, Jimmy Kimmel Live! has asked parents to tell their kids they ate all their hard-earned Halloween candy, and it still never gets old.

This year, the clip was introduced by guest host Jennifer Lawrence. Some kids burst into tears, one gave a parent the finger, and another slapped the camera out of a parent&rsquos hand. Others calmly said they didn&rsquot love their parents anymore, and yet others maturely forgave their parents.

Even Channing Tatum, who guest hosted earlier in the week, tried it with his daughter, Everly. &ldquoThat&rsquos not funny,&rdquo she repeated to her apologetic dad. &ldquoYou&rsquore right, that really was not funny,&rdquo Tatum said afterward. &ldquoI&rsquom so sorry baby, I hope you forgive me someday for that.&rdquo

Kimmel&rsquos segment ended with a call to anyone with leftover candy to donate them to the troops via Operation Gratitude. If you&rsquod like to do so, check out their website.

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Parents Tell Kids They Ate all the Halloween Candy in Kimmel Prank Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to play a little trick on their children. Parents recorded themselves telling their kids they'd eaten all the Halloween candy. One little girl's reaction: "I spent two hours walking around the whole entire neighborhood getting candy!"

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Jimmy Kimmel Once Again Convinces Parents to Tell Kids They Ate Their Halloween Candy—Watch Now!

Jimmy Kimmel has a history of ruining kids Halloweens (at least temporarily)!

For the past three years, the late-night host has convinced parents to tell their children, "I ate all your Halloween candy," record their reactions and send ɾm in to Jimmy Kimmel Live! The 2014 reactions ran the gamut—from, "It's OK, we'll get more next year," to a shrieking, "YOU RUINED MY LIFE!"

One little girl went into full temper tantrum mode—knocking chairs over and throwing the content's of the kitchen table to the ground. Another child methodically searched every drawer in the room, and when they all turned up empty, told his mother flatly, "Get out."

There were plenty of tears, of course, and screams of outrage, too. "Don't ever talk to me for the rest of my life," said one little boy through tears. When his mom said she was only kidding and that she didn't eat the candy, that wasn't enough. "Well, still, shut up," he snapped, "and go in the other room."

Another girl scolded her mother, pounding her fist as she exclaimed in a Southern accent, "You never, ever, ever listen about candy!"

In one (possibly rehearsed) clip, a young girl dropped several F-bombs when her dad claims to have eaten her candy. "F--k you, mother-f--ker," she squealed, trying to suppress a smile.

Watch the video: Πάτρα. Στο σπίτι κρατούν οι γονείς τα παιδιά λόγω ανησυχίας (January 2022).