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The yeast is mixed with the sugar.

Add warm water over the yeast.

Sift the flour into a bowl and mix with the salt. We make a hole in the middle, we add in turn the water mixed with the yeast and we knead by hand until we incorporate all the flour and water, we will obtain a non-sticky dough. Add the oil and knead well. Leave the leavened dough covered with a napkin and protected from the current. After the dough has increased in volume, take it out on the floured worktop and knead it a little to remove the air bubbles. Divide the dough into four equal parts. We take a part and shape it. We'll have four wands. We take two sticks and pass them over each other, we do the same with the other two. We will have two panics. Now we have to pass the two panics over each other, let them grow and before putting them in the oven, grease them with beaten egg and sprinkle them with sesame seeds.

Insert the tray in the preheated oven at 200 degrees and then adjust the oven to a temperature of 180 degrees. It's ready when it's nicely browned.

Other recipes tested on the bread machine

During this year since we have a bread machine, we have tested several recipes from the card received from the manufacturer.

Chocolate bread it's delicious. In fact, it is an incredibly tasty cake.

I tried recipes for it took. The one for donuts is the best tested so far.

Italian bread it is preferred by children. I wouldn't have thought they would eat bread with herbs and spices, but they completely surprised me.

I also tested this summer the strawberry jam recipe with apple pieces. D. is crazy about jam and she really liked this recipe.

For this reason, I decided to put as much fruit in the refrigerator as possible so that I can prepare fresh jam whenever she wants. I wrote an article about winter preparations if you are interested in the subject & # 8211 see here.

Bread made according to established recipes, available on the local market

The first product certificate obtained according to the well-known Romanian recipes from Dolj County was issued for a bread factory in Craiova.

The document concerns the food product "White bread with potatoes" and was issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development with the support of the Dolj County Directorate for Agriculture.

„The white bread product with potatoes is registered in the National Register of Consecrated Recipes, which is managed by MADR, at the certificate number 172 / 12.04.2021. This confirms that the product is obtained according to the well-known Romanian recipes in accordance with the provisions of Ord. 394/2014.

Consecrated recipes that can be certified by economic operators are published on the MADR website. There is currently a list of 32 products that can be certified nationally (with the mention that only these products can be certified) ", according to a statement sent by the Dolj County Directorate for Agriculture.

In this case, white bread with potatoes is manufactured by the economic operator SC Click Top Management SA based in Craiova.

The list of established Romanian recipes is updated periodically, every 6 months, based on the proposals of professional organizations in the field, accompanied by technical documentation, which is approved by the General Directorate of Food Industry.

Pan-fried cakes made of plain bread dough

Because I ran out of bread over the weekend, I quickly solved the problem by preparing pan cakes from plain bread dough.

These are the cakes my grandmother used to make on the stove or on the slab.

The slab was placed in the fire stove, allowed to heat and the delicious cakes were baked on it. Cornmeal cakes were also prepared on this slab.

But, in the absence of the slab or the stove, we can also handle the pans provided.

The cakes are very good in the pan, they come out fluffy and they cook quickly.

You can also find a recipe on the blog homemade glues with a mixture of growth agents. We prepare these when we run out of yeast in the pantry.

And when we have time and want to pamper ourselves, we prepare this recipe for Indian glues.

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5. Bread recipe with olives, onions and rosemary

  • 500 g of flour type 550 or 650
  • 20 g of fresh yeast
  • 50 g olives, pitted
  • 1 small red onion
  • 270 ml of lukewarm water
  • 100 ml oil
  • 1 teaspoon vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
  • little rosemary (optional)

Weigh the required amount of flour and add the salt. In a separate bowl, rub the yeast with a teaspoon of sugar until liquefied, then add three tablespoons of lukewarm water. Pour the yeast composition into a hollow formed in the middle of the flour. Until the yeast is activated, you can prepare the other ingredients. So, finely chop the onion and fry it in a pan in which you heated 50 ml of olive oil. Add a pinch of salt and lightly brown the onion without burning it. Put the hardened onion, along with all the oil in the pan, in a bowl to cool. Finely chop the olives and mix them with the rest of the olive oil.

After the yeast is activated, you can add dried rosemary. Mix the water with the vinegar and gradually pour over the flour, stirring constantly, until the dough comes off the walls of the bowl. Add the onion and olives and knead well until you get a smooth, non-sticky dough. The texture should be similar to that of cozonac. Then leave the dough to rise in a bowl covered with cling film until it doubles in volume.

Sprinkle flour over the work table, pour the dough and knead again. Form the bread dough and place it in a tray. Put the tray in the preheated oven at 210 degrees Celsius for 45-60 minutes.

Pan-fried cakes made of plain bread dough

Because I ran out of bread over the weekend, I quickly solved the problem by preparing pan cakes from plain bread dough.

These are the cakes my grandmother used to make on the stove or on the slab.

The slab was placed in the fire stove, allowed to heat and the delicious cakes were baked on it. Cornmeal cakes were also prepared on this slab.

But, in the absence of the slab or the stove, we can also handle the pans provided.

The cakes are very good in the pan, they come out fluffy and they cook quickly.

You can also find a recipe on the blog homemade glues with a mixture of growth agents. We prepare these when we run out of yeast in the pantry.

And when we have time and want to pamper ourselves, we prepare this recipe for Indian glues.

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People and bread

We asked six writers how they lived in the shadow of the coronavirus in the last year, and they answered us in a series of personal stories about searching, approaching, believing, and believing. speran & # 539 & # 259. Read all their stories here.


A year after the beginning of the pandemic, nothing scares me, few things excite me. I have the big heart of a tired dog, who doesn't even know where the road is in front of me, or where I'm going, but I keep going. I scratched my legs and thought. The burden must remain. A misfortune cannot strike twice. I mean, maybe, but not the same and not in the same place. Lies are also positive thinking.

He had started well, with a new word: quarantine. In a few months we will sleep more, in which the school will be online and we will replace mathematics with music for 259 months in which we will move out of the house, from the garden. s & # 259 m & acircnc & # 259m mai t & acircrziu, s & # 259 bem mai des. An illness does not function as a vacation, but as a war. It is difficult to rejoice that you are whole, that when others are not, that when friends lose money, services. C & acircnd mul & # 539i & icirc & # 537i perd min & # 539ile. We're better than others, but are we okay?

Then, just after a few days, Elliot, Piotr, and Dora's sister died. I have come to believe that it is not this new disease, but only their old diseases, healed by all that is happening. The deaths that followed found me somehow ready (I sound sinister), but instead of becoming more empathetic, I became superstitious.

Instead of helping others, I barricaded myself for my own good and contented myself with transferring money or products in the coldest way possible. Sometimes not even that. Facebook turned overnight & icircn pomelnic. Instead of people, people were posing in the profile picture of the world or the world. My friends, diver & # 537i & # 537i and crazy other & # 259dat & # 259, had become & # 259 two & # 259 ways & ndash & bdquopro or against masc & # 259 & rdquo, & bdquopro or against vaccine & rdquo. Friends ?! A lot has changed in this regard.

C & acircnd s'a & icircmboln & # 259vit my-in-law, doi b & # 259tr & acircni bello & # 537i & # 537i tari, care au fost nevoi & # 539i s & # 259 se & icircnchid & # 259 & icircn cas & # 259 & # 537i s & # 259 tr & # 259 from the packages that came on the stairs, I felt like I was shaking. Of the three children and eight grandchildren, none were able to visit. Suddenly, Brexit was no longer a word, but a prison. I put on my strong man's coat again and took care of everyone's mines, leaving mine behind.

In the summer I entered with a cruel despair, which I hope I will never experience again. I remember the morning I opened the big calendar in the kitchen and saw that I had no departure. All those joys & icircn waiting & ndash & icircnt & acirclniri with people & # 537i or & # 537e, lonely coffees drunk on unknown terraces, friends who were to be & # 259 be re & icircnnoded by bright capitals all with a black & ndash & # 539 annoying.

We're not leaving yesterday. Not next month, not more than three. Not in ten, as time has shown. I took a roe deer and went all the way to August, the month I was going to take the Trans-Siberian, to get to Siberia. I get where I need to go for a long time. From that moment on, I didn't write anything, I read less than anything. Instead, I began to call my mother every day, something that had not happened for many years. Never, to be honest. Ah, yes. I stopped looking in the big mirror in the hall, where I always saw those clothes and the clothes, the kilograms that never stopped growing, made me bored. . I was looking for a culprit.

I found a friend. Among my virtual friends is a girl & # 259 & ndash Lavinia B & # 259lulescu. I really like her, I'm telling her now. Not only because it is tonic, but especially because it is effective in any situation and in any situation. 537i c & acircnd writes, & # 537i c & acircnd runs & # 259, & # 537i c & acircnd pur & # 537i simply afraid of something new.

One day, Lavinia, this Lavinia, baked a cake. I quickly gave it a like, I immediately changed it to a heart, and my mind was already in a trance, looking for a way to do it. Lavinia's rain was like a summer rain on that day and it was tense. In fact, it was the most beautiful thing that had happened to my bubble in a long time. It looks simple, clean, clean. Let's bake together a little girl like Lavinia's!

In the months that followed, I baked bread almost every day. I tried all sorts of recipes with herbs, seeds, mayonnaise, or trees or chestnuts with onions like Grandma, with mashed vegetables like on the street. The grandparents I was looking for in pictures I baked on Skype with Grandma Vera, I remembered the bunny on the rabbit and for the first time this weird story made sense to my kids. p & acircine & # 537i am ars-o, am copt p & acircine & # 537i a ie & # 537it cr & # 259pat & # 259.

I made a mistake many times: I mixed salt with sugar, rosemary with lavender, I put more yeast and it increased by about ten, but we managed. I never threw away any pieces of oil. Am hr & # 259nit p & # 259s & # 259ri, c & acircini, urici. When the schools reopened, I took a hot shower and went with my mothers to the school gate. I woke up under my head, and in the evening, when I looked on WhatsApp, I saw many pictures with many birds.

Every time I talked about p & acircine, I noticed something curious. Such a discussion inevitably attracts stories. They all have at least a memory of sad or happy birds, old or new, but not necessarily precious. There is always a place in the middle of a family and a friendship, because it is more than a movement. We look forward to seeing her with gratitude and gratitude. We made room for him in our family, like a child.

Now that things (seemingly) have returned to normal, we don't bake that often. But we are still working on a day when a fresh bread is taken out of the oven. The children are waiting for her with the milk poured into the cups, and we, the adults, with everything we have the best in our hearts.

Choose three things and stick to them, I always do that when I go through a difficult period, when everything becomes too much. To my surprise, when I chose this time, the writing was not there. P & acircinea & ndash yes.

Tatiana & # 538 & icircbuleac is a writer & # 537 author of novels In the summer when my mother had green eyes & # 537i Glass garden. He was born in the Republic of Moldova and worked as a journalist before dedicating himself to literature. Her books have been translated into several languages ​​and have won the European Union Prize for Literature.

Order the book In the summer when my mother had green eyes here's the book Glass garden here. If you use these links to purchase from C & # 259rture & # 537ti, DoR will receive an affiliate fee. You can also find the book directly at the publishing houses.

Donuts made of bread dough

we like it too! they are made quickly and the bread dough never fails!

They are not very attractive, but the donuts in the bread dough are tasty and very easy to make.

And if you put 1 drop of sour cream on top, just as much grated cheese and a little garlic sauce. you go after the dogs while eating :-P (try it anyway)

Usually I think of donuts as a dessert, but I have to try your version. I will also buy my hat :))

:)) You should not use poor dogs to easily get their hands on our donuts: P If you knew how easy it is to prepare the recipe. Okay, it's harder with frying, that's a bit boring :)

If I see posted at least 1 time that one of my suggestions was to your liking, you have my word of honor that the hat will be a gift from me, if I can think of 1 set of hats. -P :))

:)) Yes, good idea with the set. I throw one for the dogs and one remains for me: D

super recipe! and I do it quite often without too many complications for as flour I buy it ready for. bread (in the car) and when I make donuts, I call them scoverzi, I just knead them and then leave them to rise. They never went uneaten.

So just add water, press the button and then fry the donuts :)) I like your recipe more: D

find out. I always make what is left of the pizza dough (like bread I make in the bread machine and so it doesn't stay :))
Unlike you, I shape them as big as a large pan and they have a somewhat round shape, but I don't think that influences the taste in any way.

:) I told them & quotgogosi from bread dough & quot, I have another recipe for scovergi. If you have the patience to read all the comments of the recipe, you will be as confused as me :))

Can you tell us an approximate amount of flour?

Up to one kg, about 700-800 g.

Who helps me make scovergi? As simple as possible, without many ingredients. Anonymous 2.

How about an envelope of dry yeast? that I have a bag as big as a flour bag. so how much to use, a spoon, two? I never made bread: P

Ruxy, an envelope of dry yeast weighs 7 g - so a teaspoon is enough. You stocked up on yeast, not a joke. :)

Thanks. We are in Vietnam and it can only be found in the big bag in stores with imported goods, so quite hard to find: That's why I have so much

With so much exotic food, you still crave our bread dough donuts :) I would like to try Vietnamese cuisine for a while, but Vietnam is far from bad. Yes, in a sense, I would be satisfied even with that of the Khmer neighbors - being a little closer, I still save money on the road: D

I think the FB ad should be removed because it appears on every page and it's annoying.

I checked and it shouldn't appear anymore (at least it doesn't appear to me anymore). I think you're using Chrome, I've only seen this happen. I apologize for the inconvenience and I hope it doesn't happen again.

Thanks for the recipe. I tried them and they are delicious :). The site is a real source of inspiration for me. Congratulations and as many as possible! :)

Thanks, Larisa. I hope that in time the site will prove to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration :)

I really like your site, I always cook something from here. I really like bread dough donuts, my sister-in-law makes them very often. Can fresh yeast cube be used? I wanted to do something good and I don't have dry yeast in the house right now.

Yes, Mia. You can also use fresh yeast - the equivalent of a sachet of 7 g of dry yeast is a cube of fresh yeast (ie 25 g).

Thank you! I did that, I just don't understand why when they are fried they harden very much ?! I didn't make the dough hard. Where did I go wrong?

I think maybe you made the donuts very thin. Next time try to make the donut a little more swollen. And try to fry them in an oil bath.

Yes, I made them thin :( I think I was wrong here. I'll try again. Thanks!

Your super site, I was inspired here for Christmas candy recipes. All the recipes are interesting and look really good. The problem is. if we prepare these goodies every day, we can't resist not eating. And our figure goes on the water of Sambeta.

My secret is that I don't cook every day, I do it almost weekly: D Otherwise I don't know what I would do! :)) I hope that the sweets prepared according to my recipes will make your Christmas even more beautiful.

This is what the bread dough donuts that my mother used to make for me almost every Saturday look like. They are simple but good. Elena

So good these donuts are bad! I made for my husband all kinds of recipes with eggs, yogurt, milk, and they were not at all to his taste, now I made them simple and to my surprise he says they are the best! :) Congratulations, you have recipes that are easy to cook but also tasty at the same time, keep it that way.

Thank you! Sometimes we find that we get too complicated in the kitchen trying to please our loved ones. Something like this happened to my mother, she tried all sorts of complicated donut recipes and none of them ever satisfied me. That was until my grandmother made me some donuts from a piece of bread dough - she made them "cool" in two steps and three movements :)

I'm great! I did half the amount yesterday to test Jan and a neighbor. What more did they like! Now I do it again but this time the whole amount that I have two neighbors who help us to repair the fence on the right side, they ate meatball soup, they liked it, they ate potatoes wrapped in ham in the oven, they liked it, now I have put the donut shell on top.
One more thing, for those who don't know, I tried and it came out: the crust grows slowly, without turning back if you put it in the preheated oven at 45C, with a towel on top. I learned this from a German site. The person in question is also a man! :)) It seems that men are more talented in the kitchen. I'm kidding, only I learned the coolest recipes and tips from men. Maybe it's just a coincidence.
So, thanks again and more recipes! :)
Hear? Don't you know how to make foie gras?

Monica, I think Jan will soon become addicted to your tests - if not all the neighbors will offer to become guinea pigs :)
I don't think men are more talented in the kitchen, my opinion is that they are just more attentive to the recipes they cook. That's because I know that "that's not their place" and they're trying to somehow make up for the lack of experience :)
I don't mind making foie gras dough, I don't think it's worth that much effort.

: D Pai Jan got used to it. As for the neighbors - I had no complaints, they ate everything, they liked it.
Men are probably more attentive than women to what happens when they cook, which may be a good explanation to consider. As for the fact that "I know that" that's not their place "- I know not because I know, I know what they were taught. Unfortunately, this model of education is not a laudable one, it does not happen only in Romania, it is a phenomenon known to many peoples. The sin is that by perpetuating ideas like this and indoctrinating boys (men of tomorrow) with such stupidity, a large percentage of men with a vocation for cooking are lost and no one has anything to gain. The place of a man / men is where they know better, they like it, they are talented, they do a good job, they work and for all this they are appreciated accordingly. That's my opinion about men's place. The same goes for women. But as I said, seriously, I learned the coolest recipes and tips from men and not from women.
Regarding the topic of women and men, I will tell you a phase with Jan, when I visited Romania this summer: We go to all kinds of places, we drive on the street, with buses, we go shopping, etc. and Jan kept looking at women and men. At one point he asks me, & quot; Do you hear? But where are their men? & Quot. I say, "What do you mean, where are they?" in the hands. Romanian Babies? I walk with my hands in my pockets, I don't think I've seen one walk their baby with a stroller, rarely when they have bags, they are usually fat, without consideration for the women next to them & quot. I didn't say anything. And we go to Herastrau on Sunday, many people walking through the park, on the alleys. To which Jan tells me: & quot. Look at that young couple - she with her backpack on her back, he with his hands in his pockets. Look at that couple of family members - she has a little one in the stroller, one in her arms, one hangs from her skirt, he's on the phone with his ear, he has nothing to do & quot. I didn't say anything. What he saw, I saw. Was it just a coincidence?
Everyone's place is where it should be, where it is good to be, where it knows how to be, and not where it is told that it should be when he / she does not know how to do anything and where he / she goes and chooses dust.
About foliage - you're right, it's not worth the effort. Why in the end? Let me have enough recipes to try from you. :)

That's exactly what I'm doing now ... I got them to ferment. if the blizzard still came over us, let's not stay in the house in vain. let's do something useful: P and I go great with plum jam !!

I was a little confused, but in the end I realized that there are messages written on different days :) I had the impression that you made two kinds of donuts on the same day (I had just read the message from the yogurt donuts). I'm convinced, your family is a big fan of donuts! :) A plum magician would be perfect in completing the recipe, if I closed my eyes, I would think I was at my grandmother's table.


Bread is a product baked in the oven, consisting of dough, yeast and other ingredients that give the bread a more pleasant taste and aroma, or that prevent during the baking process to form a crust too hard on the surface of the bread.

The most commonly used ground cereals in the production of bread flour are wheat and barley. During the period of poverty, famine, cereal flour was mixed with pea flour, beans, potatoes (molded bread faster), or acorns (because of the tannin lent a bitter taste to bread). In these difficult times [When?], in Germany, cereal flour was counterfeited on the market by mixing with gypsum or wood sawdust [requires citation]

This article or section has incomplete or non-existent bibliography.
You can contribute by adding references to support the bibliographic statements it contains.

Bread is one of the oldest foods. Evidence from Europe 30,000 years ago showed starch residues on rocks used to beat plants. It is possible that during this time, the starch extract from plant roots, such as cattails and ferns, spread on a flat rock, placed over the fire and boiled in a primitive form of flatbread. The oldest evidence of bread production in the world was found at a 14,500-year-old Natufian site in the northeastern desert of Jordan. About 10,000 BC, with the dawn of the Neolithic age and the spread of agriculture, grains became the mainstay of bread making. Yeast spores are ubiquitous, including on the surface of cereal grains, so any dough remains to rest naturally.

Several sources of sweetening were available for early bread. Yeasts in the air can be exploited by leaving the unsealed dough exposed to the air for a period of time before cooking. Pliny the Elder reported that the Gauls and Iberians used defatted beer foam called barm to produce "a kind of bread lighter than other peoples," such as the bartender's cake. Parts of the ancient world that drank wine instead of beer used a paste composed of grape juice and flour that was left to start fermenting or wheat bran soaked in wine as a source of yeast. The most common source of bleaching was to keep a piece of dough from the previous day as a form of sourdough starter, as reported by Pliny.

The Chorleywood bread process was developed in 1961 using intense mechanical operation of the dough to dramatically reduce the fermentation period and time required to produce a bread. The process, whose high-energy blending allows the use of low-protein cereals, is now widely used worldwide in large factories. As a result, bread can be produced very quickly and at low cost to the producer and the consumer. However, there have been some criticisms of the effect on nutritional value.

In 2014, in Romania, the bakery market was estimated at annual sales of over 2 million tons and about one billion euros. [1]

Video: KİMSE Sizin Yaptığınıza İNANAMAYACAKTAŞ fırın EKMEĞİ Tadında EVDE En Kolay EKMEK TarifiGerçek Ekm (January 2022).